Ruby On Rails, MySQL, ElasticSearch
Mar 2013
Client location
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Team size
2 people

KarmaCRM is a customer relationship management platform that has solution for any business - big or small. It has all the features a growing or steady company might possibly need to breathe freely - automation for routine tasks, bulk actions, sms/email remainders, and many more. Karma was initially started as an internal tool, and grew big and strong as many people were in a demand of such a “magic wand” in marketing.

Tools we've used
John Paul Narowski
// CEO Karma CRM, Ann Harbor, MI

I can't say enough about my great experience with Droid Labs. I've done a lot of contracting on ODesk and Elance and they are by far the best company I've worked with. They have been reliable, on time, and showed a very high level understanding of Ruby, Rails, Backbone.js and the whole stack my app operates on. They have handled the complexity of the project with ease, and are helping me build the best possible framework for my app's version 2. They've been great at keeping me up to date with daily chat sessions, pushing code for me to review, and working within my time zone. Since I am a developer I review them not only from the business side (which they have been great at) but also from a code perspective. I can honestly say they are much better developers than myself, and I've been coding for many years. Their code is clean, tested, well organized, and shows a lot of thought. I really lucked out finding this team. They are a perfect fit for my challenging project. They think out of the box and I would hire them again without a seconds hesitation. If you are on a search for a web-development firm look no further than Droid Labs. You can find cheaper but you can't find better. They are new to Elance and didn't have a lot of feedback so it was a bit risky to try them out, but I'm so happy I did. If you find yourself in the same position, I'd be happy to chat with anyone about my experience with Droid Labs to put your mind at ease. 5 Stars and Bravo to everyone at the Droid Labs team.

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