Why Droid Team

Professional Ruby developers. Solid architecture, clean code, high load & Domain Driven Design — you get it all.
Web apps can't be built without quality frontend. In our work we use only trusted technologies such as Angular.js, Gulp, SaSS, etc.
Your customers will enjoy minimalistic, thought through quality design of your apps. We will help develop great user interface in even the toughest of projects.
Any project needs a well done server setup and we take this job very responsibly to ensure the app is available 24/7.
iOS, Mac & Android from the ground up. Interacting flawlessly with the API server built by us or your own team.

Our pride

Previously we've called this app Workmate. Our very own collaboration platform. An ultimate tool for project management with everything you need to keep your project on track - task tracker, discussions, calendar, team management, and much more. Planiro will work great for both small personal plans and big corporate goals.
ArtStation provides artists an easy and affordable way to create portfolio websites and be discovered. The best way to describe ArtStation is that it takes the best of all the artist community sites you love, Tumblr and SquareSpace, and puts it in one integrated package specifically for artists.
KarmaCRM is a customer relationship management platform that has solution for any business - big or small. It has all the features a growing or steady company might possibly need to breathe freely - automation for routine tasks, bulk actions, sms/email remainders, and many more. Karma was initially started as an internal tool, and grew big and strong as many people were in a demand of such a “magic wand” in marketing.
Journy is a travel concierge service that plans your perfect trip, a personalized service we ourselves looked for but couldn't find. Journy is on a mission to save you from trip #FOMO, making sure that you don’t miss out on something you would’ve loved.
Fame and Partners
Fame&Partners is dedicated to help all those who are in need of a dress for a special occasion, especially prom. Young girls usually don’t have enourmous budgets to spend on a dress, and have limited choice of formal wear, with supply often fell out of fashion years ago. Fame&Partners offers dresses that are on trend for a reasonable price. Site is packed with advice on personal style, celebrity inspiration, accessorizing and more. Secure payment system, style quiz, promotions make Fame&Partners stand out even more.
OneNear is an online marketplace for literally everyone! You can find a walker for your dog, a cake maker, a spanish teacher right near you, without even leaving your house. Great news - place a task and choose a contractor that gives you the best bid! It’s also an easy and effective way to earn some money - offer products and services you provide, enjoy bookable calendar feature, and get that shedule working just as you’d like it! OneNear helps you find work and service providers locally, is absolutely secure, and also has a mobile app that would allow you to stay connected at any time.
Inshaker is a web app dedicated to cocktails and bar culture. There are thousands of recepies, from most popular ones like mojito to the elaborate cocktails for sophisticated evenings. Site allows you to choose an ingredient and see which cocktails can be made with it. There is also an encyclopedia on best bars, tools and history of cocktails.
Atlasio is an efficient tool for searching and comparisson of partner programs in a real-time mode. Is has tools to analyze and compare which partner offer is the best.
BattleKeys is a professional instant-delivery service for CD-keys webstores.
Self to Shelf is an online wholesale marketplace. It’s purpose is to connect wholesalers and vendors in the most pain-free way and to create a friendly wholesale community. The main mojo is simple - great products for the great stores! STS is secure, has user- friendly design, and allows you to find in a second all those products you were looking for. Small and medium-sized wholesalers would be glad to see how fast they can present all of their products to the market, without even leaving their own shop!
Methodologee is a procedure and process management tool for all kinds of business. Methodologee allows business’ to standartize and automate all routine processes to save time for more valuable things. It allows to create, manage and share any kind of procedure with your team, Methodologee also has a flexible sharing algorithm, so you can ensure everyone sees only those tasks they are supposed to see.
DoSeeGo is a personalised event planning and marketing platform. DSG curates the most relevant events for it’s customers via our own sophisticated data matching technology, based on profiling, preferences, location and personal interests. With automated event planning process, targeted push and email notifications, easy ticket bookings and purchases DoSeeGo makes sure no interesting events will miss their target audience.
Plebu is an easy-to-use website builder for practically everyone. It allows people who have none whatsoever experience in web development, create their own website of any type. Plebu gives you tools to customize your website’s design and format. With one-click page-builder and a variety of layouts to try it’s a lifesaver for those who need a website, but don’t know where to start.
FratCastles is the one stop shop for a potential new member seeking access into his or her Greek system. FratCastles provides fraternities and sororities at their local universities with a simplistic and uniform infrastructure for building a clear and positive online presence, where recruits can effectively weave out the plethora of outdated and irrelevant content that inhibits the Internet today. By having one online location for the presence of individual chapters, Facebook networking, and online videography, offers a personalized recruitment practice that ensures the continuous growth and development of strong Greek charters.
IssueTrakka is a tracking system for all those little (sometimes not so much!) issues, that can drive you crazy. Product failures, safety incidents, customer complaints or supplier issues - IssueTrakka has a ready to use workflow to fix all of them. Even if your problems are uncommon, this app has a solution - it’s completely customizable to suit your business’ needs.
Dropstream is the solution for managing fulfillment centers' eCommerce integration needs. Dropstream's cloud-based integration platform relieves your fulfillment center of the cost and complexity of custom plugins. Automatically transmit orders, update tracking numbers, and sync inventory with your warehouse management system.

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