The 88 Office Tour

December 30, 2012 • Ilya

Hello and a very warm welcome to The 88, full bespoke digital agency offering strategic design, development, content creation, PR, social management and more. It’s located on one the main streets on Manhattan: 561 Broadway St. Right at the door we’re greeted by Ruby - a very nice dog.

Tons of books in the office. Most of them are about typography.

We’ve even found some old Mac’s there. And they are all still running!

Office is not very big, but extremely cozy. Lot’s of open space. We visited the office right before the Labor Day, so it was almost empty. Just 2 girls were working. Everyone works on Apple - either MacBook or iMac.

From the office balcony there’s an amazing view of Prince st., and the neighbours are pretty interesting too - in one of the nearby buildings the headquarters of Foursquare is situated.

The 88 got about 10 of davey and webby awards.

- Hi Chad, how is everything going?
- Great, thanks! How are you?

- Awesome, thanks! Could you, please, tell me something about the company. How old is the company?
- About 3 years.

- Why “The 88”?
- We have two entrances, and one of them is on 88 Prince St.

- How many people work in the company?
- About 12.

- Does the company do only the design, our do you also develop apps? If so, which language do you use?
- The 88 is a full bespoke digital agency offering strategy design, development, content creation, PR, social management and more. For development, we use Ruby on Rails for web and Objective C for iOS. We have created an open source CMS called Atreides developed in RoR.

- I remember that you've moved to NY. Where are you from? How do you like it here? Would you move somewhere else, or you would better stay in NY?
- I'm from Sydney, Australia, and have been in NYC for about 6 years now. Before that I have lived in Tokyo and London but NYC is my favorite. I would like to discover South America but I'll always come home to New York.

- I love your portfolio and the style of your web-sites. Do you have any preferences towards any style, Web 2.0 or any other, maybe?
- I prefer a magazine editorial approach. Web 2.0 is a trend but classical styles are timeless.

- How do you feel about Metro UI?
- I am not a Windows user, but from a glance I think it is an original approach.

- Are you going to expand? Open an office somewhere in California, or move to a bigger office in NY?
- We are always growing.

- What is your plans for the future?
- Do a lot more great work for great clients.

- Thanks for your time! Have a great day!
- Thank you, you too!

Don't forget visit The 88 web-site or follow them on twitter.

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