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We are a full-stack development company with strong background in Ruby, Swift & Java. We specialise on creating web and mobile applications from scratch and providing services for coding, design and server support. We also can develop and support existing applications and help improve them.

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We started as a team of 3 passionate professionals and now there are more than 20 of us. In 4 years we created and polished projects for clients from North America, Europe, Australia. Our motto is “do good job - get good job”. We aim to provide our customers with both excellent code and quality service. All of our developers have at least 5 years of experience and for every project we add a project manager free of charge. We are in a constant process of learning new things which helps us deliver the latest technologies for our projects. In our work we use Agile and Kanban methologies, meaning the project is always under control and the development processes are flexible to suit our client’s needs. For us personal responsibility and quality of the work are extremely important, that is why we never use any outsource labor and do every piece of work by ourselves. We are the Droids you’re looking for!

What we do

Backend. We develop backend exclusively with Ruby which makes us experts in our field.
Frontend. We develop frontend only with trusted technologies & frameworks. We stand with Angular.js & Gulp.
Design. Design is the first thing your customers will notice. We will make sure your app looks easy, clean and functional.
Server Administration. We believe the key approach to working with servers is responsibility and professionalism. We take stability of the apps we are working on very seriously.
iOS, Mac & Android apps. We develop fast & stable iOS & Mac apps with Swift and Android with Java.

Why droid team

Professional Ruby developers. Solid architecture, clean code, high load & Domain Driven Design — you get it all.
Web apps can't be built without quality frontend. In our work we use only trusted technologies such as Angular.js, Gulp, SaSS, etc.
Your customers will enjoy minimalistic, thought through quality design of your apps. We will help develop great user interface in even the toughest of projects.
Any project needs a well done server setup and we take this job very responsibly to ensure the app is available 24/7.
iOS, Mac & Android from the ground up. Interacting flawlessly with the API server built by us or your own team.

They trust us

Mueller Company

Partnership with DoSeeGo

Our Team

There are more than 15 dedicated professionals at your service. We carefuly pick people we work with, so every Droid is experienced and commited to do the best job possible. We do not hire junior developers and sell them as seniors. Our team is multiskilled, here is what we can offer: Ruby, JS, markup, design, service support, iOS and Android. We help and learn from each other, and it shows in our work. We practice test driven development and pair programming and Scrum techniques to ensure that the team members are always attuned to what is going on with the project. We are geeky in the best meaning possible and passionate about working in IT.

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