Hello and a very warm welcome!
We are a team of Ruby developers whose passion
is Ruby On Rails applications. We stand behind all
of our applications as we are sure in our work.

What we do

A team of skilled and highly motivated developers and designers transforms your ideas into working business solutions. We deal only with the latest technologies and have strong experience in the following areas:

  • — Ruby On Rails
  • — UX/UI Design
  • — jQuery, Backbone.js
  • — HTML5, CSS3

Working with us you don't just pay for the developers and designers time, as it usually is. Imagine, you get a team of droids that will improve and implement your ideas in order to make your business successful.

How we do

  • Droid Labs Presentation
    Droid Labs Presentation
  • HackDay @ Droid Labs
    HackDay @ Droid Labs
  • Video Shooting Backstage | 1st edit
    Video Shooting Backstage | 1st edit
  • Video Shooting Backstage | 2nd edit
    Video Shooting Backstage | 2nd edit


Collaboration Platform
Full featured
Rails 3.2



Our own project collaboration platform. Improve your collaboration now. Just start your project. You can choose tools later in Addon Store.
We've made: Design, Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery, Backbone.js


Websites for people who love what they do. Build a website that looks great on any device. The easiest way to make a website optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
We've made: Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery, Backbone.js

Picks League

The new way to run custom sports leagues. Easily set up, manage, and play in season long pick 'em pools with your friends, family, and coworkers.
We've made: Design,Markup
Tech: HTML5, CSS3

Maartje Van den Noort

Maartje grew up as a country girl in Zeeland in the westernmost province of the Netherlands, then went on to study graphic design and fine art in Rotterdam. Today she lives and works as an artist in East Amsterdam.
We've made: Development
Tech: WordPress, jQuery


Simplify your shopping cart. The fastest way for eCommerce business owners to automate your drop shipped orders.
We've made: Design, Markup, Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery


Do you like football? Then join oFootball and lead your team to victory. A multi-functional online football manager is here to help.
We've made: Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery


Does scheduling events seem harder than it should be? Agonizing over the thirty messages it took to settle on a date, time and place? Want to go hide in a cave? No more!
We've made: Design, Markup, Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery

Karma CRM

KarmaCRM will help you keep all your sales leads and contacts neat and tidy. This customer relationship manager hides a powerful backend system behind a clean, simple and usable interface.
We've made: Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery


FratCastles.com is the one stop shop for a prospective rush candidate seeking access into his or her Greek system.
We've made: Markup, Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery, Backbone.js

Self To Shelf

A wholesale marketplace and community that connects Sellers and Retail Stores.
We've made: Design, Markup, Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery, Backbone.js


Every business has issues! Controlling your issues is key to improving your product or service.
We've made: Design, Markup, Development
Tech: Ruby On Rails, jQuery



Iskander // Developer

House MD in Ruby On Rails Development.

Ruslan // Developer

Can keep up to 100 KB of code in the head.

Pavel // Developer

Nobody is really smart enough to program computers.

Ilya // Designer

Loves minimal. Works at maximum.

Artur // Designer

The main rule - make it beautiful and user-friendly.

Ksenia // Designer

I believe that complex function demands simple form.

Kate // Manager

Office bully.

Albert // Developer

Automates a mess.

Mikhail // Developer

Takes nothing seriously.
Except for work.

Timur // Developer

Doesn't make a mistake twice.

Evgeniy // Developer

Javanese Rubyist.

Ilnur // Developer

Dev, gems & rock-n-roll.

Artem // Frontend Developer

Does html-markup better than Chuck Norris.

Artem // Developer

Work hard, be nice to people.

Irina // Accountant

Desire brings thousands of possibilities, reluctance - thousands of excuses.
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We develop applications ourselves and we don't outsource to third parties and we work only with Ruby On Rails: hire us and you'll be hiring a dedicated expert. Our code is clean, readable and tested.

Don't hesistate to contact us! And you will get a bonus - 5 hours of free development as a test task for us!

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